Sworn Translation

We offer the services of sworn translators in 16 languages: English, Russian, Finnish, German, Swedish, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Polish.

As a result of amendments to the Sworn Translator Act, since 1 January 2020 it has no longer been possible to have translations of documents attested at a notary’s office: official, attested translations can now only be provided in Estonia by sworn translators. However, as there are quite a few language combinations for which there are still no sworn translators in Estonia, Luisa has circumvented this problem by finding partners abroad, allowing us to continue to offer this much-needed service to Estonian clients. Send us an enquiry to find out how we can help you.

We accept documents and issue translations (a sworn translator or Luisa) from 10:00-16:00 Monday to Friday.
You can contact us at (+372) 626 4288

Luisa offers sworn translator services for all of the languages currently offered in Estonia.

A sworn translator provides official translations and confirms them with their signature. You should seek out the services of a sworn translator, which is to say get in touch with our Document Department, if you need to submit an official translation of a document to an authority or administrative agency in Estonia or abroad – for example, a diploma, an extract from a registry, a court ruling or a notarial deed.

As part of their translation, a sworn translator can also confirm print-outs and copies and organise for the document being translated or the translation to be issued with an apostille by a notary. As such, a sworn translator can do almost everything you will need in order to submit your document to the authority or administrative agency in question.

We offer sworn translation services for the following language combinations: Estonian-English-Estonian, Russian-English-Russian, Estonian-Latvian-Estonian, Estonian-Swedish-Estonian, Estonian-Norwegian-Estonian, Estonian-French-Estonian, Estonian-Lithuanian-Estonian, Estonian-Polish-Estonian, Estonian-Ukrainian-Estonian, Russian-Ukrainian-Russian, Estonian-Russian-Estonian, Estonian-Finnish-Estonian, Russian-Finnish-Russian, Estonian-German-Estonian, Russian-German-Russian, Estonian-Italian-Estonian, Estonian-Spanish-Estonian, Estonian-Czech-Estonian, English-Slovene-English and Estonian-Danish.

In accordance with the Sworn Translators Act, as of 1 January 2020 it is no longer possible to have document translations confirmed by a notary: official confirmed translations can now only be provided in Estonia by sworn translators. Since there is a large number of language combinations for which there are no sworn translators in Estonia as yet, Luisa has found partners abroad in order to offer this much-needed service to our clients. Send us an enquiry to find out how we can help you.

Our sworn translators

Taivo Liivak – Estonian-English-Estonian sworn translator, lawyer & linguist
Marika Borovikova – Estonian-English sworn translator
Edda Teder – Estonian-English sworn translator
Terje Arro – English-Estonian sworn translator
Galina Tkacheva – Estonian-Russian sworn translator
Zanna Kutserova – Estonian-Russian sworn translator
Viiu Astel – Estonian-Norwegian-Estonian sworn translator
Katrin Skott – Estonian-Swedish-Estonian sworn translator
Dita Lince – Estonian-Latvian-Estonian sworn translator
Maire Linask – Latvian-Estonian sworn translator
Laima Kirsimaa – Lithuanian-Estonian sworn translator
Rugile Slavinskaite Saare – Estonian-Lithuanian sworn translator
Kaire Kliimask – Estonian-German-Estonian sworn translator
Sander Liivak – Finnish-Estonian sworn translator
Mari Kelve-Liivsoo – French-Estonian sworn translator
Olga Anissimova – Estonian-English sworn translator
Kai Niels Willadsen – Estonian-Danish sworn translator
Katrin Kask – Estonian-English-Estonian sworn translator
Kristel Kivistik – Estonian-Finnish sworn translator.

Additionally, we offer the service of a lawyer-linguist

A lawyer-linguist is an expert who holds two specialist university degrees and is active in both law and translation. In addition to translating legal texts, our lawyer-linguists often provide legal editing and quality assessment, solve terminological disputes and issues and conduct legal translation training.

Get to know our partner!

Lawyer-linguist and English-Estonian-English sworn translator Taivo Liivak

– Education: MA in Law; BA in English Language and Literature; MA in Conference Interpreting
– Work experience: active since 1997 with more than 60,000 pages translated (contracts, laws, regulations and EU laws, as well as interpreting in courts, law offices and notary’s offices)
– Luisa’s partner since 1997
– Other languages: Russian and German
– Lecturer at the University of Tartu Faculty of Law (legal translation) since the 2008/2009 academic year


(specialist) translator + specialist editor + proofreader + pre-delivery review


(specialist) translator + proofreader + pre-delivery review


junior translator + senior editor + pre-delivery review

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