Sworn Translation

We offer the services of sworn translators in 16 languages: English, Russian, Finnish, German, Swedish, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Polish.

As a result of amendments to the Sworn Translator Act, since 1 January 2020 it has no longer been possible to have translations of documents attested at a notary’s office: official, attested translations can now only be provided in Estonia by sworn translators. However, as there are quite a few language combinations for which there are still no sworn translators in Estonia, Luisa has circumvented this problem by finding partners abroad, allowing us to continue to offer this much-needed service to Estonian clients. Send us an enquiry to find out how we can help you.

We accept documents and issue translations (a sworn translator or Luisa) from 10:00-16:00 Monday to Friday.
You can contact us at (+372) 626 4288

Luisa offers sworn translator services for all of the languages currently offered in Estonia.

Our sworn translators

Taivo Liivak – Estonian-English-Estonian sworn translator, lawyer & linguist
Marika Borovikova – Estonian-English sworn translator
Edda Teder – Estonian-English sworn translator
Terje Arro – English-Estonian sworn translator
Galina Tkacheva – Estonian-Russian sworn translator
Zanna Kutserova – Estonian-Russian sworn translator
Viiu Astel – Estonian-Norwegian-Estonian sworn translator
Katrin Skott – Estonian-Swedish-Estonian sworn translator
Dita Lince – Estonian-Latvian-Estonian sworn translator
Maire Linask – Latvian-Estonian sworn translator
Laima Kirsimaa – Lithuanian-Estonian sworn translator
Rugile Slavinskaite Saare – Estonian-Lithuanian sworn translator
Kaire Kliimask – Estonian-German-Estonian sworn translator
Sander Liivak – Finnish-Estonian sworn translator
Mari Kelve-Liivsoo – French-Estonian sworn translator
Olga Anissimova – Estonian-English sworn translator
Kai Niels Willadsen – Estonian-Danish sworn translator
Katrin Kask – Estonian-English-Estonian sworn translator
Kristel Kivistik – Estonian-Finnish sworn translator.

Additionally, we offer the service of a lawyer-linguist

A lawyer-linguist is an expert who holds two specialist university degrees and is active in both law and translation. In addition to translating legal texts, our lawyer-linguists often provide legal editing and quality assessment, solve terminological disputes and issues and conduct legal translation training.

Get to know our partner!

Lawyer-linguist and English-Estonian-English sworn translator Taivo Liivak

– Education: MA in Law; BA in English Language and Literature; MA in Conference Interpreting
– Work experience: active since 1997 with more than 60,000 pages translated (contracts, laws, regulations and EU laws, as well as interpreting in courts, law offices and notary’s offices)
– Luisa’s partner since 1997
– Other languages: Russian and German
– Lecturer at the University of Tartu Faculty of Law (legal translation) since the 2008/2009 academic year


(specialist) translator + specialist editor + proofreader + pre-delivery review


(specialist) translator + proofreader + pre-delivery review


junior translator + senior editor + pre-delivery review

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