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We can help you with more than 50 services – including translation, proofreading and editing, layout work, subtitling and localisation

Luisa is the biggest translation agency on the Estonian market – not only in terms of its total number of workers, but also its number of service staff and clients. The 12 project managers in our Tallinn and Tartu offices serve more than 80 clients a day, while 75 translators and 30 language editors work tirelessly.

We offer translation services at three levels – from simple texts to complex materials for publications, covering every need and target group. The choice of translation teams and prices depends on the complexity of the texts.

Luisa is a translation agency in the broadest sense of the term. Since we started back in 1992 (with a staff of one) we’ve evolved into a language hub with 400 workers covering virtually every subject. These are divided between eight departments: the General Department, the Technical Department, the Medical Department, the Legal & Financial Department, the Document Department, the Junior Department, the Foreign Department (including separate departments for Finland and Russia), and the Layout Department.

Luisa Translation Agency is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards.

Luisa Translation Agency processes personal data for the purpose of performing contracts and providing quality translation services. Read our data protection principles here.


…represent the service we most frequently provide. Texts are translated by our translators and edited by our editors.

The translators are steeped in the areas they work in: not just language specialists, but also lawyers, medical workers, chemists, technology specialists, those who work in finance, marketing people and a raft of other professionals who know their areas inside out. The same applies to our editors.

95 translators and editors work on classic translations here at Luisa on a day-to-day basis. On average, we produce a fairly hefty book’s worth of translations every single day – around 500 pages in total. We work with more than 400 translators, interpreters and editors around Estonia and around the world.

•50 languages •more than 200 language combinations •55 translation topics

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…mean that the project team features one more member.

This service is ordered when more than just a specialist translator is needed – for example, with texts for publication we add an extra round of editing and a pre-printing check once layout and design work’s complete. Also, with certain quite specific texts you need to involve a specialist in the subject, which is to say a specialist editor.

We will provide you with translated texts that have been reviewed twice and, in the case of printed materials, designed according to your printing requirements.

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…are the result of work experience performed by young trainees. We work with the University of Tartu in developing the Junior service.

In the case of the Junior service:
– the text is translated by a junior translator approved by our senior editors
– the translation is edited and polished by a senior editor
– the text is also given a pre-delivery review by a technical editor
The Junior service is around 25% cheaper than the Classic service.

•12 language pairs •65 junior translators •30 translation topics
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(specialist) translator + specialist editor + proofreader + pre-delivery review


specialist translator + proofreader + pre-delivery review


junior translator + senior editor + pre-delivery review

The biggest translation agency in Estonia – whatever your translation needs, we’ve got them covered!


– We have clearly defined departments led by project managers specialising in the relevant field whose teams include translators and editors familiar with the subject in question.
– We offer sworn translator services for all of the languages it’s possible to offer in Estonia at present.
– We have offices in both Tallinn and Tartu.
– We’ve been offering three levels of service since 2012.

Our combination of experience (founded in 1992), diversity (Estonia’s largest translation agency since 1997), personal approach (12 fast, extraordinary project managers) and positive outlook on life makes us unique in the Baltic States.