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Departments make us unique on the Baltic translation market. We’ve grown into ‘a language campus’ with 500 collaborators that covers all kinds of fields and has eight separate ‘blocks’ or departments, each of them with a team specialising in their field.

International Department

“Translate a lot and translate it fast!” could be the motto of our International Department, where project managers Jelizaveta (, ( and Helin ( deal with our foreign clients and their wishes on an everyday basis. It’s not uncommon for there to be one text that needs to be quickly translated into four or five different languages, or, for example, 30 pages of Lithuanian text that the client needs the day after tomorrow.

Although working in the department can be hectic, it sees a lot of very different and very interesting projects – from technical and medical texts and legal documents to press releases and advertising brochures.  All of our other departments support the International Department, providing the necessary contacts and experience. That way we can always guarantee the quality of our translations.

Contact us at or +372 626 4283.

International Project Manager Helin Lilleväli

Technical Department

Head of technical translations, Riin (, is renowned in Luisa for her punctuality. “Precision, right down to the last detail, is in my nature,” she says. “And that’s exactly what my job as a project manager’s about – coordinating and planning.”

Technical translators’ work takes in complex subjects from a variety of fields, but our experienced team members are used to blocking themselves off from everything else and focusing on the job in hand.  Moreover, their experience grows with every job they complete – and if they buy a new TV or lawn mower they often find that the user manual seems strangely familiar to them…

Our services mainly deal with the following texts: user manuals, certificates, safety cards, specifications, online shops, declarations of conformity, patents, declarations of performance, newsletters, homepages, product labels, software localisation, user interfaces, layouts, explanatory memoranda, safety manuals, work instructions, procurement documents, advertising texts, training materials, business letters, product labels, packaging texts, etc.

Contact us at or +372 5807 1288.

Clients of our Technical Department:


(specialist) translator + specialist editor + proofreader + pre-delivery review


specialist translator + proofreader + pre-delivery review


junior translator + senior editor + pre-delivery review

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Medical Department

Luisa has had a Medical Department since its second year in business (1994) – it was its first clearly defined department. Head of Medical Translations Marge ( works with clients from Estonia and abroad, including hospitals, universities, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our translators in this department are professionals in their fields, skilled in both translation and medicine. Many currently work as doctors, or have done so in the past. Marge is very happy with her team. “All of our translators have their own particular niche,” she says. “That’s why choosing the right one is so important. But when you’ve worked with such talented translators for so long, it’s never very hard to make the right choice!”.

Clients rate our medical department as professional, with a wide range of languages and services, fast service and reliable results.

The main topics we work on are life science, clinical trials, medical technology, drug registration, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, veterinary medicine and health services. Luisa Translation Agency provides certified medical translations. Our service is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards.

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Contact us at or +372 516 0508.

Medical Project Manager Marge Žordania

Clients of our Medical Department:

Here our project managers Raili (legal), (finance) and Reili  (finance) work closely with banks, lawyers, and the courts. The area they work in is one of the most hush-hush in Luisa, since the majority of translated legal materials are confidential. The only examples that can be given are general ones, like website texts, legal acts, and regulations.

Clients are very professional and demanding – they often have a very clear idea of what they want and how they want it. Their texts tend to be complex and the translations needed as quickly as possible. That’s why the department only uses translators who are quick, thorough, and well-versed in the law, finance, and banking.

Contact us at or +372 626 4281.

Legal Project Manager Raili Reinsoo

Clients of our Legal & Financial Department:

General Department

The cornerstone of our General Department is our project manager Reili (, who receives more enquiries and calls than anyone and, where necessary, passes them on to the relevant department. Her counterpart in Tartu is our project manager Saskia (, who also deals with clients coming into the office. The orders Reili and Saskia receive cover anything and everything: press releases, advertisements, websites, texts related to tourism, history, sports, recreation and politics, education materials, user manuals, telecommunications texts and more, for translating, editing and interpreting. Thanks to the broad range of materials they deal with, their everyday work is interesting and ever-changing – and they have the best overview of Luisa’s sizeable team of translation, editing, and layout specialists.

Contact us at or +372 626 4285.

General Project Manager Reili Brandt

Junior Department

Our project manager Nele ( is the face of the Junior Department, embodying the youth, friendliness, and professionalism it exemplifies. The service is unique on the translation market and both clients and translators benefit from its innovative approach. Nele herself is a big fan. “It’s useful to everyone,” she says. “Young translators gain experience and feedback, and clients obtain a more affordable service.”

Around half of our juniors come from an educational background in translation or linguistics, but we also have those trained in political and information science, law, history, physiotherapy, and more – meaning our project manager can send translations to someone who knows the subject. All junior translations are reviewed by our senior editors, who give them a final polish.

Many of our juniors have already gone on to become fully fledged translators, and some have even joined Luisa full-time.

Contact us at or +372 626 4285

Junior Project Manager Nele Nikopensius

Document Department

Clients are served in our Document Department by Ekaterina ( in our Tallinn office and Sille ( in our Tartu office. The foundations of the department’s work are a personal approach, reliability, and confidentiality. The project managers in the department are involved on a daily basis in events that are important to many people: the birth of a baby; the death of a loved one; kids starting university; couples getting married; court cases; companies being founded or liquidated; and more.

The process of translating and authenticating documents is more time-consuming than with normal orders – from the moment they reach us they go through seven stages, with the end result being a translated document that meets all requirements and that will be accepted at home and abroad.

The translators in the Document Department are experienced and work quickly, but during certain periods (spring and autumn) you should nevertheless factor in a little more time. For some less common languages there may be only one or two people in Estonia who are capable of translating and authenticating documents, which is why you sometimes have to wait in line. In any case, we always do our best to offer the shortest deadline.

More info on sworn translations can be found here.

Contact us at or +372 626 4284.

Document Project Manager Ekaterina Goriacheva

Layout Department

Once texts have been translated and edited, you often need to think about how they look. Luisa can help here, too. We have a lot of talented technical editors who offer their skills in a wide range of areas – from converting and reviewing ordinary files to providing a full design and layout service for large-volume publications.

We use the following software in design and layout: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat.

  • We offer a design and layout service to ensure that the translation is identical to the original document and ready to print
  • Should you need one, we can create a print-ready design for your materials from scratch

Contact us at or +372 5807 1288.

Senior Technical Editor and Designer Silver Lepik

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