Luisa is the largest translation agency in Estonia.

Luisa has a team of almost 500 translators/editors from all over the world. As we can’t fit everyone on our website, here you can meet our core team – the department representatives and our main stars, our excellent translators and editors.

Project Management

Reili Brandt

General Department / +372 5843 8923
Ekaterina Goriacheva

Document Department / +372 626 4284
Marge Žordania

Medical Department / +372 516 0508
Hanna Sillaots

International Department / +372 5308 0333
Saskia Tullino

Document Department / +372 527 8558
Helin Lilleväli

Foreign Department / +372 5193 8082
Berit Pilden-Sarv

Medical and Technical Department
Susan-Brit Nõgene

International Department / +372 5193 8082
Riin Ungerson

Technical Department / +372 5807 1288
Nele Nikopensius

Junior Department / +372 5322 5477
Raili Reinsoo

Legal and Economics Department / / +372 5420 0488

Translators and Editors

Gregory Mark Dunn

English Translator and Senior Editor

Helen Noormägi

Senior Editor (Estonian)

Evelin Mikenberg

English Translator

Terje Arro

English Translator, Sworn Translator

Iris Barbara Jeletski

English Translator and Techincal Editor

Silja Bogdanov

English translator

Jane Laumets

English, Finnish, German and Swedish Translator

Liis Reile

Editor (Estonian)

Liisa Pint

English, Bulgarian and Greek Translator

Maigi Müürsepp

English Translator

Sergei Akopjan

Russian Translator

Piret Tamme

Editor (Estonian)

Kirill Lebed

Russian and English Translator

Kaarlo Nõmmsalu

Technical Editor

Mari Eller

English Translator

Katrin Kask

English Translator, Sworn Translator

Christiane Rein

Technical Editor and English Translator

Sophie Marie Scrivener

Editor (English)

Helena Lemendik

Editor (Estonian)

Aleksandr Lissovski

Russian Translator

Katrin Planhof Skott

Swedish Translator, Sworn Translator

Krista Kotkamäe

Finnish Translator

Kristiina Ader

English Translator

Kadi-Liis Aun

English Translator

Ekaterina Kornilitsina

Russian Translator and Editor

Urve Ansip

Editor (Estonian)

Anastasiia Karpushkina

Russian Translator and Editor

Reet Veski

Technical Editor

Tiina Alekõrs

Editor (Estonian)

Toomas Silk

English and German Translator

Marika Borovikova

English Translator, Sworn Translator

Nelli Denissova

Editor (Russian)

Silver Lepik

Senior Technical Editor and Designer

Merilyn Paugus

English Translator

Edda Teder

English Translator, Sworn Translator

Back Office

Anna Räbokon

Customer Relations Manager / +372 505 7198
Svea-Elen Peters

Business Development Manager / +372 626 4286
Kristiina Püttsepp

Member of the Board
Krista Saabel

HR Manager / +372 510 9042
Raili Kadak

Member of the Board
Reelika Jakubovski

Member of the Board
Berbel Pedari

Founder and Member of the Board

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