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About the Junior service

Reliable translations from our new generation!

Our juniors are promising young translators who have undergone a competitive selection process and joined our unique Junior Programme, where they work under the supervision of our senior editors.

A junior translation is produced by one of these translators, corresponds to their preferred topics and language combinations, and is reviewed by a senior editor.

The Junior service is around 25% cheaper than regular translations.
It is suitable for companies and organisations (business correspondence, articles, manuals, standard contracts, press releases, training materials, job descriptions, etc.); university students and teachers (summaries, theses, study materials, etc.); and private clients (correspondence, summaries, standard documents, and other translations for general purposes).


(specialist) translator + specialist editor + proofreader + pre-delivery review


specialist translator + proofreader + pre-delivery review


junior translator + senior editor + pre-delivery review

The biggest translation agency in Estonia – whatever your translation needs, we’ve got them covered!


The Junior service was made possible thanks to the active support of two groups:

  1. clients who have shown an increasing interest in simple and more affordable translations;
  2. the many young translators who were looking for an opportunity to gain experience.

The first junior translation order was placed in January 2013, and within a few months the number of clients had risen to 50. In 2020 the number of clients entrusting their everyday translations to our juniors has reached 4000.

We assess the suitability of your text and language combination for our junior translators and make the best possible offer.

For more information, get in touch: juunior@luisa.ee; +372 626 4283.

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We will put together a personalised quote for you based on the language combination, subject and volume to be translated and the results of our analysis of the text.