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We offer a wide range of services and technical solutions in addition to translation.

Design, layout and conversion

We design user manuals, marketing materials, annual reports and books, booklets, advertisements and various publications. You can order design work with translation or just design creation, depending on the client’s materials and preferences. The finished work will be ready to be sent to the printers.

We also convert PDF documents into DOC files so that the processed document retains not only the text but also the graphics, formulas and images from the original file.

You can order PDF document conversion into editable file formats as well as OCR services for various languages from us.

Our IT team

SEO translation

The value of a website depends largely on its position in search engine rankings. SEO keywords are important in ensuring that a translated website is at least as searchable as the original. Our translators take into account the specificities of the target audience of the translated language, so that the website created matches their search patterns.

Website and e-commerce translation

Translating websites and e-commerce sites is something our project managers are very familiar with. We like to use the WPML plugin for this purpose – it simplifies multilingual website management and translation. The WPML plugin gives us an overview of all the pages, their content and the different languages, without having to copy the text manually. This allows for fast and high-quality website translations.

Machine translation and post-editing

Luisa is finalising its machine translation modules together with researchers from the University of Tartu. The initial plan is to develop modules trained with technical, legal, medical and EU texts that Luisa has collected over the last 30 years.

While machine translation used to be based on matching each word to a translation, the neural network approach developed from the field of artificial intelligence has led to a breakthrough in machine translation quality.

We offer machine translation and machine translation post-editing services.

Translation of audio and video files

We transcribe audio and video materials and translate audio and video files using a 3:1 system, i.e. we identify the spoken text using the appropriate programs, create a text file, translate and snychronise it to match the original file. We create voice-overs using professional equipment and experienced radio voices.

The created files are ready to be added to an audio or video file.

Subtitle burning

As well as creating .SRT subtitle files, we can also burn subtitles directly into the video – so viewers don’t need to use any additional software to see the subtitles. This makes it possible to view video files with subtitles even under strict security requirements.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in Zoom

We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for conferences, webinars, meetings and events, including moderation and all the technical arrangements. We can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in several languages at the same time. We can also use other video call platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

Client platform

We offer our clients – especially those who value confidentiality – the possibility to upload files for translation, store finished works and keep track of invoices on our client platform in the Luisa online environment, which can be accessed with a personal login. Find out more here.

In addition, we can tailor specific solutions to meet your specific needs.

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We will put together a personalised quote for you based on the language combination, subject and volume to be translated and the results of our analysis of the text.