Junior Translation

Reliable translations from our new generation!

Our juniors are promising young translators who have undergone a competitive selection process and joined our unique Junior Programme, where they work under the supervision of our senior editors.
A junior translation is produced by one of these translators, corresponds to their preferred topics and language combinations, and is reviewed by a senior editor.
The Junior service is around 25% cheaper than regular translations.
It is suitable for companies and organisations (business correspondence, articles, manuals, standard contracts, press releases, training materials, job descriptions, etc.); university students and teachers (summaries, theses, study materials, etc.); and private clients (correspondence, summaries, standard documents, and other translations for general purposes).

The Junior service was made possible thanks to the active support of two groups:
1) clients who have shown an increasing interest in simple and more affordable translations; and
2) the many young translators who were looking for an opportunity to gain experience.
The first junior translation order was placed in January 2013, and within a few months the number of clients had risen to 50. In 2017 the number of clients entrusting their everyday translations to our juniors has reached 400.

Junior orders mainly involve summaries, hotel, spa, and tourism industry texts, educational texts, articles on the economy, sports, and culture, summaries of longer materials, standard contracts, service industry correspondence, user manuals (printers, mobile communications, household appliances, etc.), health texts, historical materials and simpler banking texts.

We assess the suitability of your text and language combination for our junior translators and make the best possible offer.
MORE INFORMATION: juunior@luisa.ee +372 626 4283


…are the result of work experience performed by young trainees. We work with the University of Tartu in developing the Junior service.


In the case of the Junior service:
– the text is translated by a junior translator approved by our senior editors
– the translation is edited and polished by a senior editor
– the text is also given a pre-delivery review by a technical editor
The Junior service is around 25% cheaper than the Classic service.

•12 language pairs •65 junior translators •30 translation topics
Ask for an offer at juunior@luisa.ee or call us at +372 626 4283


…represent the service we most frequently provide. Texts are translated by our translators and edited by our editors.

The translators are steeped in the areas they work in: not just language specialists, but also lawyers, medical workers, chemists, technology specialists, those who work in finance, marketing people and a raft of other professionals who know their areas inside out. The same applies to our editors.

95 translators and editors work on classic translations here at Luisa on a day-to-day basis. On average, we produce a fairly hefty book’s worth of translations every single day – around 500 pages in total. We work with more than 400 translators, interpreters and editors around Estonia and around the world.

•50 languages •more than 200 language combinations •55 translation topics

Request a quote, ask about our prices or make other inquiries on +372 626 4283 or at karmela@luisa.ee


…mean that the project team features one more member.

This service is ordered when more than just a specialist translator is needed – for example, with texts for publication we add an extra round of editing and a pre-printing check once layout and design work’s complete. Also, with certain quite specific texts you need to involve a specialist in the subject, which is to say a specialist editor.

We will provide you with translated texts that have been reviewed twice and, in the case of printed materials, designed according to your printing requirements.

Request a quote, ask about our prices or make other inquiries on +372 626 4283


Lack of experience is no longer an obstacle to getting a job if you are young and talented and see your future as a translator. Translation agencies generally expect applicants to have a certain level of experience. Luisa’s minimum requirement is 500 pages. However, philology students who are still at university or have just graduated or young people who are otherwise skilled in languages do not have such experience, and as such their talents might go to waste. In order to prevent this, we introduced a unique solution to the European translation market by launching our Junior Programme in 2012. In short, this allows us to give promising newcomers a chance to gain translation experience.
The programme involves independent work with real-life translation orders. In addition to constant feedback, juniors are also paid for each job they do.
You are welcome to apply if you are at least a first-year university student; there are no other limits on age or field of study, speciality or interest. Applicants are not expected to have experience: the only admission requirement is a very good sample translation in one or more topics or language combinations of your choice. Only those candidates who produce sufficiently good sample translation are accepted into the programme.

Junior translators work on easier materials and everyday texts: summaries, simple specialised texts (economy, banking, health care, technology, law, etc.), correspondence, articles, user manuals and other professional and educational texts. Applicants’ areas of expertise are highlighted by their sample translations.

You maintain your Junior status until you have translated 500 pages. This can take up to three years in the case of the most common language combinations. Juniors who receive very good feedback, participate in the training sessions organised by our senior editors and complete their higher education may then be offered a job under regular conditions that apply to post-juniors or fully fledged translators.

Selected candidates are given
– the opportunity to work on real translation orders;
remuneration at a junior rate;
– feedback and instructions from our experienced editors;
 further training under the guidance of our senior translators and/or editors and help learning how to use CAT tools; and
 an internship certificate they can present to their educational institution should they wish to (regardless of the number of pages they have translated).

Applications have been accepted annually since autumn 2012. The round of applications is open from 1-21 October 2019.

In order to apply for the Junior Programme, e-mail cv@luisa.ee:
 an application letter describing your language background and experience (your language combinations and directions, preferred translation topic(s), whether you have translated before, lived in a foreign country, are familiar with CAT tools, etc.);
– a properly presented CV; and
 a sample translation on a topic and in the language combination of your choice.
If your sample translation is approved, you will move on to the second round, where you be asked to translate one or more of our standard texts. These are selected from our everyday texts, with the topic being similar to that of your own sample translation. If the translation is approved, we will enter into a contract with you and you can start translating.

Welcome to our junior team!


(specialist) translator + specialist editor + proofreader + pre-delivery review


specialist translator + proofreader + pre-delivery review


junior translator + senior editor + pre-delivery review

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