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If you need something translated from English to Estonian, you’re in the right place! Our translators and editors are capable of translating more than 50 different topics, and since we have 75 translators and editors working on this language combination, we can also offer very reasonable deadlines. Estonian-English-Estonian translations make up almost a quarter of all our language combinations, making it the most popular among our services. 

We offer translations at various price levels and with varying degrees of ‘finish’ applied to them depending on the needs of the client and the intended use of the text. 

Junior translations – Newcomers to the industry who’ve emerged victorious from a fierce competition work with the support of our senior editors on everyday texts, user manuals, cultural and historical pieces, educational and training materials, simpler contracts, health care texts and more. They’re also very good at translating subtitles. 
The Junior price for English-Estonian translations starts from €10 + VAT for a standard page (1800 characters). 

Classic translations – Our experienced translators (including our sworn translators) work with our editors on all of the topics that need to be translated, in around 50 fields to date. Led by a project manager from the department in question, the teams specialise in documents, economics and banking, medicine, technology and law. 

The average price of one page for English-Estonian translations is €16.90 + VAT. 

Extra translations – This means the translation team includes an extra pair of eyes, with a third expert brought in to back up the specialist translator and editor. We recommend this service if your materials are particularly important, such as when publishing books and the like, with creative copywriting texts and with subjects that are very narrow in scope and require specialist input. 

One page of English-Estonian translation under the Extra service starts from €22.00 + VAT. 

We have a special Foreign Department to serve our English-speaking customers – contact us at orders@luisa.ee.

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We will put together a personalised quote for you based on the language combination, subject and volume to be translated and the results of our analysis of the text.