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If you’re looking for information regarding an Estonian language interpreter or translator, then you’ve come to the right place!

Luisa Translation Agency has the most interpreters and translators of any translation agency on the Estonian market. There are a total of 400 interpreters, translators and editors among our ranks. In total, we offer translations in over 300 language combinations.

An INTERPRETER translates orally. Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation are the main areas of work for interpreters.

We offer interpreting in almost 20 languages and on a variety of topics. Ask for more information about our interpreters by e-mailing

A SWORN translator translates written texts. We offer sworn translations in all of the languages that are offered in Estonia.

Ask for more information about sworn translators by contacting our Document Department at

A TRANSLATOR translates written text from the source language into the target language. Ask for more information about written translations by e-mailing

We offer written translations in over 300 language combinations, the most common of which are Estonian-English, English-Estonian and Estonian-Russian-Estonian translations.

The translations and languages we offer are:

Arabic English

Arabic Estonian

Armenian English

Basque Azeri

Bulgarian Estonian

Bulgarian English

Chinese (Simp.) English

Chinese (Simp.) Estonian

Chinese (Trad.) English

Croatian Estonian

Czech Estonian

Czech English

Czech Russian

Danish Estonian

Danish English

Danish Latvian

Danish Lithuanian

Danish Norwegian

Danish Swedish

Danish Russian

Dutch Estonian

Dutch English

Dutch Russian

Dutch Latvian

Dutch Lithuanian

English Estonian

English Latvian

English Lithuanian

English Russian

English Finnish

English Swedish

English Norwegian

English German

English French

English Spanish

English Polish

English Dutch

English Arabic

English Danish

English Italian

English Japanese

English Persian

English Chinese (Simp.)

English Portuguese

English Chinese (Trad.)

English Romanian

English Czech

English Greek

English Indonesian

English Malay

English Albanian

English Korean

English Bulgarian

English Slovak

English Ukrainian

English Slovenian

English Thai

English Hungarian

English Turkish

English Croatian

English Icelandic

English Hebrew

English Maltese

English Brazilian

English Bosnian

English Byelorussian

English Spanish (Mexico)

English Serbian

English Vietnamese

English Georgian

English Irish

English Hindi

English (US) Estonian

English (US) Russian

English (US) Norwegian

English (US) Danish

English (US) Lithuanian

English (US) Swedish

English (US) Latvian

English (US) Finnish

English (US) Japanese

Estonian English

Estonian Russian

Estonian Finnish

Estonian German

Estonian Latvian

Estonian Lithuanian

Estonian Swedish

Estonian French

Estonian Norwegian

Estonian Spanish

Estonian Italian

Estonian Dutch

Estonian Ukrainian

Estonian Polish

Estonian Danish

Estonian English (US)

Estonian Slovenian

Estonian Bulgarian

Estonian Czech

Estonian Hungarian

Estonian Brazilian

Estonian Georgian

Estonian Chinese (Simp.)

Estonian Japanese

Estonian Turkish

Estonian Serbian

Estonian Tigrinya

Estonian Greek

Estonian Latin

Estonian Arabic

Estonian Portuguese

Estonian Romanian

Finnish Estonian

Finnish English

Finnish Russian

Finnish Latvian

Finnish Swedish

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We will put together a personalised quote for you based on the language combination, subject and volume to be translated and the results of our analysis of the text.